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Mike Trejo Joins Aeroderivative Gas Turbine Suport Inc. (AGTSI)

January 8, 2016

Mike Trejo and Alan Mibab
Mike Trejo and Alan Mibab

Mike Trejo has approximately 45 years in the Aerospace Industry.

Mike served in the United States Air Force for 22 years originally as a Jet Engine Technician and Flight Chief. During that time he was involved in the Vietnam War, Desert Shield, Desert Storm, and various other conflicts.

He not only worked on jet engine, which included full disassembly & rebuilding, but also testing and troubleshooting. He was also certified to perform operation run tests on aircrafts engines. Some of the aircraft included were: F105G, All models of the F4, T38, F5, F111B, F15, F117, & C141B.

He was appointed as an official Spanish interpreter while stationed in Torrejon AB, Spain.

Other job assignments that Mike performed while in the US Air Force included, Quality Inspector, Flight Safety NCO, and Lead Cadre Team member to set up new operations for New Aircraft being assigned to various bases throughout the world.

Mike also was and inspector for aircraft mishap investigation team.

As Senior NCO, he was the Flight Chief responsible for a complete squadron of jets and over 143 maintenance personnel.

After a career change from the US Air Force, he then worked at Parker Hannifin Aerospace as Customer Service Administrator, Gas Turbine Division for 20 years.

In his role, he provided exceptional service to all of his customers that required fuel nozzles for both the Aviation Industry and Industrial Industry, globally.

His extensive knowledge of fuel nozzles along with his jet engine experience enabled him to establish outstanding communication with customer’s requirements.

Upon his retirement from Parker Aerospace, he then became a team member of Aeroderivative Gas Turbine Support Inc. (AGTSI), in January 2016.

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